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How to Kindle a Child's Hope in an Adult's Heart?

So many of the TED talks, grassroots movements etc... are reaching out to kids, about educating and motivating kids. But kids ARE energetic, their hearts aren't tainted by the bitterness of life's disapointments. I want to know, HOW DO WE RE-ENERGISE ADULTS? How do we get them to remember the wonder and awe they felt as children towards the world? To remember curiosity and the joy of simple acts of discovery and kindness. Not having despair or cynicism, but strength and compassion in the grim face of reality. That, regardless what the media wants us to think, there is hope and they can still make a difference no matter what age they are!

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      Dec 22 2011: Point 4 is exactly what I am trying to address, it is a social problem. I am not sure what you mean on points 5 and 6. Also not sure how morals enter into it, but I agree with your statement "adults with kindness and loving attitudes....children".

      It seems many TED talkers have figured out how to have a joyous inner child. Their eyes are open to the wonders of the world. That is why I posed the question on TED. I have observed (with the eye of a scientist, not idly) that most of the people in the midwest where I come from seem on average rather 'blah' about their existence, really only actively concerned about their family and making ends meet. It is the grand american rut, we need to get out of as a society. I am looking for the right thing to say/do to re-awaken their drive to discover, ease their brows. What would you say to someone in a rut in their life? Or maybe the question is really, how to get people into a mindset to have an interest in the things talked about on TED?

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