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How to Kindle a Child's Hope in an Adult's Heart?

So many of the TED talks, grassroots movements etc... are reaching out to kids, about educating and motivating kids. But kids ARE energetic, their hearts aren't tainted by the bitterness of life's disapointments. I want to know, HOW DO WE RE-ENERGISE ADULTS? How do we get them to remember the wonder and awe they felt as children towards the world? To remember curiosity and the joy of simple acts of discovery and kindness. Not having despair or cynicism, but strength and compassion in the grim face of reality. That, regardless what the media wants us to think, there is hope and they can still make a difference no matter what age they are!

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    Dec 20 2011: I realise this is not a common method, or even one taken seriously by most. But for me, it has been to remain close to nature, experiencing creation (not the biblical sense, the one with new life) at its most fundemental moments. When they seem to be shared for our eyes, only.

    That is it. In a nutshell, as they say. It works for me and I truly have a child's hope, and spend many moments is awe of all that is mystery. I hope this helps. Good question.
    Oh yea, always do your best to honor truth and keep a distance from deceit.
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      Dec 20 2011: Thanks for your comment! I guess that half the battle is getting people out the front door (so that they will go and experience nature).
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          Dec 22 2011: Part of my thought came from how there are so many "save the children" organizations, but then once the children stop being cute, people seem to stop caring. Possibly because they themselves dont feel cared for, or possibly because they feel that adults that have bad things happen to them deserve it, that they should be able to care for themselves. If the latter, I thought to myself, it isnt right! Not everyone has good parenting to teach them how to succeed, and not everyone is blessed with a childhood free of spirit-crushing tragedy, abuse, or neglect. Adults actually seem to need more care, for all the burdens of the past and future that they have to carry. I want to reinvigorate the brused and bitter souls of the American populus, remove the sourness that leads to apathy and selfishness.

          Also, there was an eye-opening study at my university. They put open bins of soda around campus with a box attached to put a dollar/can, completely on the honor's system. EVERYONE PAID! The ones that didnt put a dollar in immediately, came back later. We have become so mistrusting of eachother, it is fear that destroys a civilization.

          Children are trusting, they are quick to find the joy of the moment. I only wish that adults, setting aside the fear and fatigue that holds them hostage, could find the child within and, not self conscious or fearing ridicule, learn to play once again. Maybe with a hopeful outlook towards life, we can make the next leap in social/cultural/spiritual evolution.

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