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That TED revert to being the go to website for the latest ground breaking scientific discoveries.

I have noticed a highly significant shift in the content of TED in the last 6 months or so which has sadly led to me using this website less and less.

I remember only a short time ago getting very excited when I hadn't checked the website for a week or two as I knew there would be 4 or 5 talks and I at least one or two would be about some ground breaking discoveries in specific fields that are important to mankind.

However I now view this website maybe twice a month and although I think the amount of content added has increased I feel the topics dealt with by the speakers has move significantly away from science and more towards abstract concepts, music, stories of famous people, & something about toasters (which i loved).

There obviously is science there, however because some of the other topics may touch on science in the title I find myself watching a long stream of fairly dreary stories from people who manage to speak passionately about some arbitrary topic rather than people that actually have something to add to humanity or something to teach to the audience.

Obviously TED is a magnificent database of amazing talks which i would recommend to anyone. To a new user of the website there are months of material on here to watch that is enthralling. However I am really concerned about people that click the talks tab and watch a few of the latest talks & get put off and miss the huge amounts of info that this website has to offer.

Practical proposals? Firstly more cutting edge science. But i think this will come and im sure TED will do its best to get this in place.

Perhaps more relevant is a change to the set up of the website. Possible on a first level better than "talks" and themes. Maybe with a "talks of the month/year" or a numeric rating, or sort by total views. Or possibly just a more clear direction.

I know this is obviously and must have been ignored intentionally. But I love this website & want it to help the world, which it can do and & is doing.

  • Mar 7 2011: Maybe you are right, I've jist looked through new Talks - social stuff, mainly...Thank you for your concern, I love TED too, but no practical proposals so far. I'd like to attract TED ussers to this "idea", it's realy important. The second law never sleeps!
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    Mar 3 2011: I back this idea 100%.