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Africa does not need any more aid to develop, it needs moral support and guidance to harness her resources to develop

Since the days of colonialism, western countries have always had an obligation to support former colonial territories in term of development. Colonial governments set up social, political and economic structures.
However, after independence, we were not trained how to manage and develop the resources we had.
They have injected billions of dollars funding various development projects. Irrespective of all this, African counties especially sub- saran Africa, has gotten even worse. Corruption and mismanagement of public funds, assets and resources is becoming the order of the day.
The reason for this is partly because we are just given resources whose value we do not know because we do not work for them. Recently, the US ambassador to Uganda said they would massively cut on direct budgetary support to the country in order to look at financial crisis back home. As humans, we mostly look after what we value, and we mostly value what we work hard for.
And i totally agree. What do you say about this?


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  • Jan 5 2012: Some interesting points raised above. To understand this confused continent of Africa, one has delve into imperial rule where the seeds of greed took root.

    Africa is a paradox in the sense that the region has tremendous wealth of natural resources, that are in many cases the global source of such minerals; and crippling poverty.

    How is this possible? Tribal divisions have been exploited. As some of you have stated, corruption is rife, with Uga anda as excellent example. However, western corporates have exacerbated by the West, an soon to be east (China).

    I remember problem solving in junior school, where one had to work backwards to get the answer needed. I use this analogy as I believe the following the trail of money, and weapons, you will get a clearer picture.

    I notice how Brazil, whose economy can be loosely connected with African regions; are managing to grow in this global economy. This has been partly aided by the wiping, and favorable debt repayments to IMF. Maybe Africa can use this template.

    There are elements in soceity, that wish to keep Africa in this constant state of turmoil. Like a pyromaniac, it is easy to start, a fire, walk away, and watch from afar when chaos ensues.

    I conclude, by paraphrasing my previous point: Whom, where and what benefit from the current African status quo?

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