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Africa does not need any more aid to develop, it needs moral support and guidance to harness her resources to develop

Since the days of colonialism, western countries have always had an obligation to support former colonial territories in term of development. Colonial governments set up social, political and economic structures.
However, after independence, we were not trained how to manage and develop the resources we had.
They have injected billions of dollars funding various development projects. Irrespective of all this, African counties especially sub- saran Africa, has gotten even worse. Corruption and mismanagement of public funds, assets and resources is becoming the order of the day.
The reason for this is partly because we are just given resources whose value we do not know because we do not work for them. Recently, the US ambassador to Uganda said they would massively cut on direct budgetary support to the country in order to look at financial crisis back home. As humans, we mostly look after what we value, and we mostly value what we work hard for.
And i totally agree. What do you say about this?


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    Dec 31 2011: Having lived in Africa for 9 years I cannot agree more. The preception that Western Aid to Africa is a pure humanitarian gesture is bunkum. Oil companies plundering Nigeria's oil resources in cohoots with corrupt Nigerians is well known. Exploitation of Congolese tin miners by middlemen and the electronics industry is another example. At the same time, Africans should stop winching about colonial role in drawing national boundaries and forced tribal integration. They need to stand up on their own like Ghana has done. To use an African expression "to fend for themselves".

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