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Africa does not need any more aid to develop, it needs moral support and guidance to harness her resources to develop

Since the days of colonialism, western countries have always had an obligation to support former colonial territories in term of development. Colonial governments set up social, political and economic structures.
However, after independence, we were not trained how to manage and develop the resources we had.
They have injected billions of dollars funding various development projects. Irrespective of all this, African counties especially sub- saran Africa, has gotten even worse. Corruption and mismanagement of public funds, assets and resources is becoming the order of the day.
The reason for this is partly because we are just given resources whose value we do not know because we do not work for them. Recently, the US ambassador to Uganda said they would massively cut on direct budgetary support to the country in order to look at financial crisis back home. As humans, we mostly look after what we value, and we mostly value what we work hard for.
And i totally agree. What do you say about this?


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      Dec 28 2011: Until and unless nations require corporate responsibility I fear that nothing will change. How many of the issues (problems) are contrived so that the corporation, who wants the riches at the best price, can take them while the nation as a whole is dealing with the real but manufactured catastrophe?
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      Dec 30 2011: Richard, I am out of thumbs for you! You hit the nail on head so briefly :-) I wish I had your gift...

      I do think that there is one fundamental mistake in the language I see used in this conversation... "Africa this", "Africa that".
      Africa is large enough to merit more careful treatment. It is not a big blob on the map, or a blanket problem -or solution, or resource. Africa, like Europe, the American continent, or any other, is made up of many individual countries, each one unique, a complex weave of many different cultures, languages, religions, habits, systems.
      The economic solutions designed for the Japanese would not suit the French, and what works for Switzerland will not do in Brazil. Why do we assume that we can have a one size fits all attitude toward Africa?

      My point is, there is not one solution, as there is not one problem. Maybe the starting point is becoming aware of their complex nature, and next to that, respecting their dignity and right to their own destiny.
      We (the western world) do not need to bring them "into the fold", convert them to capitalism, and enroll them in our patterns. Making them dependent on us is reenacting slavery trading in the 21st century, shameful!

      Aid is needed, much damage has been done already, so yes, help is necessary. But with deep sensitivity to their individuality and en eye on long term plans and sustainability!

      Come on, we go to ridiculous lengths to make sure a wild baby owl is fed and cared for without losing its natural instincts, hence becoming unable to return to its natural environment and survive, and we cannot consider with the same attention the specific needs of our fellow human beings????
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          Dec 30 2011: Well, I wouldn't blame TEDsters, most of us here have the rare skill to see the large picture (global thinkers) and in doing so, we have to use generalizations.
          And you are right, I was saying aid in strictly the original sense of the word, not as in hand-me-downs... Tools is what works

          Thanks for the good wishes, quite a manifesto in a nutshell there!

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