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How do we heal?

Consider the mental, physical and emotional aspects of healing well expanding your perception of the idea. Indulging the thought that the process of healing begins from a place of vulnerability, how can effective healing possibly take place starting from such a perceived state of shame and fear. Can that perception be altered knowing vulnerability is also the core of love and happiness? Does healing always need to be the precursor to bad? Noticing the link between connection and wellness and isolation and illness, how does willingness to be loved affect our health? From psychiatrists, to doctors to homeopaths; healers come in many different forms, with many different philosophies. Who are these different healers and how do their methods and beliefs differ from one another? Are some proven to be more effective than others? In discovering the connection between the art and science of healing, can we produce a new twenty-first century perspective on what it means to heal and be healed?

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    Dec 12 2011: For me ,healing starts when one truly knows thyself,understands what the problem is and has the dreams and hope that it will get better.Unfortunately we seem to become aware of this when we have hit rock bottom,because when we cant fall any longer,we start to become aware of the world around us and when we find ourself longing to fly again,we start to question who we are,realise what our problem is and this is where healing begins, for our own self is accually the only person that can heal us and by understanding whats wrong we begin to dream and hope for whats right .By time,the scars will slowly heal...some will leave marks,but those are needed for they are the proof of our determination and hope and as they remind us of what it was like to be hurt,they help us appreciate our health more.
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    Dec 12 2011: Love heals. Nothing else does.