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Are we prepared if the more ambitious initiatives of activist organizations succeed?

For example, there are many activist organizations lobbying for an end to Monsanto and industrial farming; especially the use of GMOs. If, in a perfect world, they succeeded, the demand for Organic produce and products would increase exponentially. In this instance, are there producers (organic farms), outlets (organic grocers and farmers markets), & organic waste management organizations (a specialized type of waste management), in place or readily made available to support said demand? How ready are we for change on such a massive scale?

Should such an ambitious cause succeed, are the activist organizations, or their benefactors ensuring the necessary substructures and resources are developed to support and sustain the resulting construct? Or will we rely on them to develop organically?

I am certain there are many other ambitious causes being lobbied for that this same question applies to. Can you name any? And are they prepared for success?


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    Dec 12 2011: People can adpat to everything. If we can survive to extreme situations, we can live with relatively easy practices.
    If the power of will is enough in some of people, I think the rest will follow, slowly or fast.
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      Dec 12 2011: Thank you for you input. I think the question is win little or win big. We can merely survive and slowly adapt, or we can thrive by being prepared. The power of will is a strong factor. I think the key is having charismatic, committed leaders with robust strategies to foster the power of the peoples' will; will to accept and participate in quantum change.

      Please let me know your thoughts.
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        Dec 13 2011: Hi Joel,

        I absolutely agree with. An organisation success depends of the commitment of the leaders and the people around them involved.
        In Humankind history there had been many organisations that have failed to their golds, because they didn´t fought enough, in my opinion.
        Those organisations should try hard to be listen by the superior entities.

        One thing envolved in the success of those organisations is the "popularity" among the media, that also have a strong impact on this.

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