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How would we treat each other if we were not controlled by a need to be right?

We all have areas of life that we are passionate about like religion, politics and horse training. We all think we are right, marriages end, families are torn apart and through history we have died trying to prove it. Why, and if the saying "would you rather be right or would you rather be happy" appeals to so many of us why do we cling so tenaciously to the need to be right? HINT:
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    Dec 12 2011: What is right? There is no such thing as right or wrong, it is only the individual's perception!
    For a person committing an act of murder, the act is his path to righteousness and is shunned by the socially equipped people because they don't believe that path holds true for themselves. So what?! Go on your path to finding self-realization. The ultimate goal of life is to discover who you are eventually and how you figure in the macroscopic universe filled with trillions upon trillions of stars. You might ask what the consequences are of to a traumatized victim whose loved one is murdered by someone and how that person cannot follow his path to self-realization? Wrong! You see, there is something called time and time eventually causes changes, irreconcilable changes that causes events. These events can be manipulated using willpower and ample anticipation. If the traumatized victim seeks revenge he will either kill his wrong-doer or die in the process himself. But that is his fate and through that act of total devotion and understanding of one's motivations he ascends to higher planes of consciousness.
    So the ultimate question is:

    Who am I?

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