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Should government of every country support FDI?

according to economist FDI will help in growth of the countries GDP in vast and also environment like education, cost of leaving, culture, growth in agriculture, framers hike etc. FDI will help the country to increase 30-40 % of the current situation present. It helps in international expansion and its communication process which in turn helps in more friendship between the countries. It helps in resolving many issues of the country like the unemployment the major, poverty the second next, and many more. So i would suggest that the countries which are known to be under developing this is greater opportunity for them to grow and sustain in the world.

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    Dec 13 2011: Friendship between countries would be good. In many countries where the population is largely poor, where there's not clean water or sanitary sewers, the country's leaders are spending much of the budget on war material to fight against their neighbors. In some countries the leaders are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to needlessly develop and build atom bombs and missiles, when they should be assuring clean drinking water for their citizens instead.

    "Poor" countries that waste the resources they have on militarism and corruption can't expect much help or investment from outside. Get rid of corruption and waste, and the country becomes attractive both for assistance and investment.
  • Dec 11 2011: In a global recession, when almost every country is shutting down some hospitals to meet with next years budget, I would say Foreign Direct Investment is not possible and would be immoral. And is this not a short term solution? In the long term, the Investors want their money back.