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Do consumers really buy or they invest. Should we call them investors rather than consumers ?

When we buy any product or brand , don't we always have a tangible or non-tangible notion of profit or in another words return on investment? For example let us say even when we buy/invest in a book we tend to think of return from our investments - idea, knowledge, entertainment etc.and when we don't get what we wanted and we got what we already had, we name it as bad call, bad buying or bad investment. When a particular buying calls go wrong we term it as bad investment then why people buying the product are called consumers and not investors. We as buyers are also known as stake holders but question is when we buy a product or a brand we really don't buy stake rather we invest from where we tend to generate profit (tangible or intangible).
Now let us know who the investors are - one who put their savings (so called) with you to earn profits for you and himself.

Now as a consumer ( which I term as investor) - if I don't buy your product then that money is my saving. To get that saving and future earnings/savings, we advertise our product left, right and center - net to bus shelters to TV commercials and try to get the mind share. But what if think him as a investor ( which today's consumer should be called) investing to be benefited, spend wisely and to his aid he has a super consular - internet. He can choose , interact with fellow investors, can interact with cross-investors and then make a decision where to invest.

So an era which started long back after 2k bug is consumer vs investor will slowly started taking it place. What if I ask you - are you consumer of Apple or an investor with Apple. You invested in technology by Mr. Jobs promised you, invested in that one bite apple stand for (Brand), you invested in resources they have - I tunes, people etc.
Actually, we are not the stake holder of the product or a brand anymore we have climbed the hierarchy called INVESTOR. Rather we qualified the day we voted out Coke Classic and got our profits back.