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Using Video Games to Prepare for the Unexpected (car crash etc)

It was almost a year ago. I drove home after Christmas, there was snow lying around and it was beginning to get dark. I was on the motorway, on the inside lane going 120kmph, when a deer jumped into the front of my car. I hit it, and the car started swerving out of control. Without thinking I knew how to move the steering wheel to keep the car from plouging into another car, and this may sound strange, all from playing video games like GTA or Forza.

I mean the instant I hit the deer, everything seemed familiar, the sound of the impact, the direction the car swerved at high speed as a result of the impact, even how the car would react when I would turn the steering wheel this way and that, it was all perfectly identical to how it felt in the games. Luckily nobody was hurt, though the car is still a write off. I dont think I would have been that lucky if I werent an avid gamer. And Im not a well experienced driver either.

So why not make games to give people the experience of being in a real crash, without crashing? Make this mandatory like driving lessons are. Would this not result in safer roads? The physics in games have made leaps and bounds, so why not use this?

  • Dec 19 2011: nice taught...i am also making simulations on this.........gud one aindreas kugler..........all de' best:):):):)
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    Dec 11 2011: This is a great idea.