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Chris Anderson asked a great question about the criteria for standing up for a TED talk. What should it be?

The conventions have been inconsistent. Chris suggested it should be remarkable. He also reinforced that remarkable should mean different things to different people. That said, let's discuss. I'll try to get the conversation started by injecting my two cents. I believe the dominant factors should include the human impact of the individual and the effort. What else do you value: educational, moving and inspiring, self sacrifice, creative, hilarious, surprising, sends shivers down your spine, or other forms of brilliance??

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    Mar 5 2011: Passion...I am inspired by the passion TED Speakers bring to their stories as much as I am by their topics. The world is full of diversity and increasingly channels like TED shine a light where I would not have otherwise looked. That said, my criteria for TED is simple, if you are passionate about your topic and brave enough to have a voice you have my vote for inclusion. Like everyone who follows TED I am fortunate to have my own filter and choose what I find interesting enough to view, capture my imagination and chances are I will take a look, spark my passion and chances are I will take action...over to you!
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    Mar 6 2011: I do not know exactly what the criteria should be but I am deeply impressed by how often the TED people get it right. I have been informed, amazed and delighted by the joy of having access to TED talks and share as many as possible on my blogs.
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    Mar 3 2011: I think TED should be a forum to shed light on little known, but interesting, findings, movements or stories, across a variety of subject areas. The criteria for little known should be measured across the broader population, while the criteria for interesting should be judged by a panel of TEDsters with varied opinions where majority rules. Enlightening, educational, and surprising are more valuable than funny or moving as I think they have other forums to promote their messages.
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    Mar 2 2011: Speaker teaches about something that is not widely known; presents a different way of looking at something misunderstood; translates a complicated subject into user-friendly definitions; relates the subject of the talk to the broadest possible audience
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    Mar 2 2011: I value being taken on the journey so for what its worth I'd give top marks to any TEDTalk that (loosely) follows this formula....Make me Laugh, Make me Cry, leave me standing on Dancing Feet!
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    Mar 2 2011: - Speaker talked about things I did not have any idea
    - Speaker worked hard
    - Speaker presented a new approach for a problem