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Do you think you are free?

We are prisoners of complexities in the name of modernity, traditions, professionalism, and of many DO(s) and DONT(s).

There is no ultimate freedom in our societies. In one form or other we are bound, restricted and handicapped while in the mean time our intellect desires Infinity, freedom and power. This war leads to no way. But to self destruction.

I want to say that we should have a FREE INTELLECT. Why to follow so many, so called, Systems and Regulations, Laws and Principles if by birth we are free? You may not agree with me and call me a wild, a rebellion. But think, without having a biased mind, you will love being wild and free then civilized and bound. Don’t you?


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    Dec 11 2011: If we define freedom in terms of externalities, it would be difficult to say we are free. Perhaps impossible.

    But the great ones have not defined freedom in terms of "systems and regulations, laws and principles" they have talked of internal freedom. Christ was imprisoned and executed. Was he free? Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. Was he free? Viktor Emil Frankl was held in a concentration camp. Was he free?

    They would probably have said yes. Many others would say so now.
    • Dec 11 2011: Hello Mr. Thomas,
      I agree with your points. Infact these examples were in my mind when I was raising this question.
      But Let me add some more. the examples you have given are of great people or great minds, who were having brilliant causes to live or even die for. Jesus Christ was a prophet, his cause was endowed on him , to preach. Nelson Mandela, a leader, to whome whole South Africa was looking in hope. and Franki a doctor who was practicing his Psychotherapuetic method in prison for survial, and thus survived.

      What about a common person? who doesn't know what he lives for. No cause, no objectives. Nothing to eascalate him. How can we expect from him the acts like great one did? they would be no more common if they do so.

      I am not blaming the system or governmnet here as we ourselves have made them. But why we have overtaken these systems so much on us that even our intellect is no more free.

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