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Do you think you are free?

We are prisoners of complexities in the name of modernity, traditions, professionalism, and of many DO(s) and DONT(s).

There is no ultimate freedom in our societies. In one form or other we are bound, restricted and handicapped while in the mean time our intellect desires Infinity, freedom and power. This war leads to no way. But to self destruction.

I want to say that we should have a FREE INTELLECT. Why to follow so many, so called, Systems and Regulations, Laws and Principles if by birth we are free? You may not agree with me and call me a wild, a rebellion. But think, without having a biased mind, you will love being wild and free then civilized and bound. Don’t you?


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    Dec 11 2011: "The basic test of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in what we are free not to do." (Eric Hoffer)
    • Dec 11 2011: If only that becomes reallity ..
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        Dec 11 2011: Is it helpful, Mr. Kahn, to try to think of a scenario where people are so enslaved that every physical act is commanded by others, there is no freedom, physically, to choose to NOT do something, anything?
        Consider a slave labor camp like the Gulag, or Bucenwald. Those suffering souls would have found life in one of today's penetentiarys to be quite free because they could choose not to use the library, or the gym, or the many other elective activities. I, however, consider the idea of incarceration in such a prison to be an all-but-total loss of freedom. Am I free? Yes. Is an inmate in the state prison free? If you ask a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp, their answer might well be "Yes!"

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