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Do you think you are free?

We are prisoners of complexities in the name of modernity, traditions, professionalism, and of many DO(s) and DONT(s).

There is no ultimate freedom in our societies. In one form or other we are bound, restricted and handicapped while in the mean time our intellect desires Infinity, freedom and power. This war leads to no way. But to self destruction.

I want to say that we should have a FREE INTELLECT. Why to follow so many, so called, Systems and Regulations, Laws and Principles if by birth we are free? You may not agree with me and call me a wild, a rebellion. But think, without having a biased mind, you will love being wild and free then civilized and bound. Don’t you?


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  • Dec 10 2011: I would agree with you to a certain extent that we are not free.
    But I also think that times are changing. We are not as blind as we used to be, partially thanks to the internet, thanks to websites like TED! The Internet as reinvented the freedom of speech. Its the uncontrollable media force which can take down goverments. They say that the revolutions in Egypt and Libya were largely due to the Internet, and is that not just something fantastic?
    Look at all the Open Source initiatives (open software, open hardware, open science etc), people are realising that freedom is close, one just has to get up and do a small part of it (you're doing a small part too by posting this). Freedom does'nt start in politics, it starts with us!
    • Dec 11 2011: You are talking about media here. Yes no doubt it is true that media has power to bring a change or even a revolution, like in Egypt or in Libya from tweets. The thing is At one side it gives us a better way to communicate with each other while most times, it also imposes many things in our lives to which we find no escape. I mean look at our intellectual life, we are so much influenced by media. Our way of thinking, life style and even daily diets, all are "Made By Media". One other thing, they cover only public opinions not an intellect thought. Of course, sites like TED is exception here. And these are very few in number.

      Still another fact is, Telecommunication media works under the supervision of governmental regularities. Sometimes Sites and channels get blocked when find working against rules and regulations. So, again we are bounded.

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