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What would you do today if you were to die tomorrow?

This is a question asked by your classmates when you're at school or by anyone at some point of your life.

However, have you really clearly thought about this question?
What would be your answer?

My answer: I would do whatever I can to prevent my death tomorrow.

  • Dec 10 2011: I will be very happy that I am going to give a count to the angels than from the painful life.Surely I will apologize to Sn.
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    Dec 24 2011: i will go back home and spend time with family. will also give finishing touches to my WILL so that i know who gets what.
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    Dec 11 2011: I'd just keep living.
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    Dec 10 2011: How about what would you not do? I would not watch television.
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    Dec 10 2011: Dig a grave and half-burry myself ( as TOM does in TOM & JERRY) don't forget the flower on top :P

    If you are serious, Think again about your answer. Can you?!

    Why not prepare for the second life, by doing the good and leaving the sins
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    Dec 10 2011: I'd go skydiving, Rocky Mountain climbing...