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Do we invest in the youth of this World enough?

This is my first conversation so apologies if this is kinda "all over the place."

Something that has been on my mind and something I'm hoping to incorporate in some work I'm doing;

Particularly in the UK, Youth Homelessness is an issue, as well as drug and alcohol dependancy within youths under 21 years of age, teenage pregnancy is continuing to rise, British Teenagers are constantly slammed in the media for "Gang-land crimes" and other offences, and when someone performs well in their SAT's, or A Levels (College Qualification) They are met by a stream of complaints that tests are getting easier to pass...

So my question is; "Do you think the Worlds current generation are investing enough in the Worlds younger generations"
After all, the youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, are we preparing them for this?


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  • Mar 4 2011: no and not properly
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      Mar 5 2011: Thanks for the comment Matthew, would you be able to go into any detail at all? What are your personal thoughts on how we can invest properly in our Youth?

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