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Using nano solar films to power and regulate greenhouses for year round organic food production.

When the sunlight shines through the one film the green house is heated during the day all while the power producing film is charging a battery system that continues to light the greenhouse so that the plants recieve a total of 18 hours each day of light. The battery system could also power a pump motor for a solar water heating system which would circulate warm water through a heat radiating grid of tubing or piping.
The solar heat absorber could be assembled along the North side of the Greenhouse.
Water could be cycled continuously through the assembly and back to a storage bladder during the day light hours. But after sunset, a solar activated slave switch opens and another solar deactivated switch closes along with their attached valves.
When the valves swithc over, the solar heated water is circulated through the heat radiating grid contained inside the growing beds thus helping to maintain the green house tempreture.
Under these conditions sustainability can further be achieved, and a healthier organicaly grown food supply can be maintained.