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If you could trade lives for 24 hours; who would you trade with? Why?

The sky is the limit; humans, cartoon characters, mythological creatures & Gods...etc.
- Who would you want to live as for 24 hours?
- Why does their life appeal to you?
- What do you think you could learn from them?


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    Dec 16 2011: I admire your confidence and beauty, but as you probably know, because I think that you're intelligent too, most people's experiences are unique. I am now a happy old man who was recently diagnosed with MS. When I was 17, I was a happy champion basketball player and an abstract expressionist painter. While I changed my artistic expression from large oil painting to digital which is GREAT, I'd like to feel again the rush of dunking (the ball, not Oreos),
    and maybe to try to ask you for a dance : )

    I'm not a wordsmith and English is not my native tongue but at 17 I would've written you a poem in Romanian or French.
    My writing was pathetic in its youthfulness but sincere and I miss that as well.
    Just for a day, and then—back to reality would be fine.
    If you didn't, please read In Search of Lost Time:

    Best regards,

    PS I'm not trying to change who I am but I'd love to travel in time briefly.

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