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If you could trade lives for 24 hours; who would you trade with? Why?

The sky is the limit; humans, cartoon characters, mythological creatures & Gods...etc.
- Who would you want to live as for 24 hours?
- Why does their life appeal to you?
- What do you think you could learn from them?

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    Dec 15 2011: This is an awesome question. My first thoughts were some superheroes or ancient Greek gods with unlimited power. I really hope that doesn't make me shallow, but that's the ugly truth..
    Then I started to think. The question was not to be them for one day but to trade for one day. So I started thinking about who am I interested in who would be interested in what is going on in my brain as well. Would be rude not taking that into consideration... and I think I found the answer, it was simple after all. A random adult woman. I think there is nothing more challenging and exciting than understanding each others brains, how are they wired and why. I think we both would profit a lot from that day.
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      Dec 15 2011: Great idea, but would you just be in the woman's body, or would you be her?
      If you want to understand how women think, you'd have to become a woman, and your masculine mind would not be there to experience any of this. How would you even know the exchange ever took place?
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        Dec 16 2011: 100% woman. With body, with brain, with thoughts. And of course somehow I would like to learn from and remember this trade, so of course I'd need some of my conscious self to my woman body.
        And vica versa.
        I really hope I don't break any rules with this concept though! :)
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          Dec 16 2011: A mind inside a mind. Why not!
          Seriously... is in impossible, in principle?
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          Jan 4 2012: Rules were made to be broken; or, at the *very* least- tested :-)
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    Dec 10 2011: Hello Brittney,

    I think I would trade lives with someone who is as diametrally opposed to me as possible.

    Why? well, one of the most important things for me is understanding. I can confess that at times I am obsessed with understanding.

    But sometimes I recognize that even making the effort to see things from somebody else's perspective, to put myself in their shoes, there are some who have opinions, principles, attitudes, so different that i just cannot wrap my mind around what could possibly take them there.

    I am hoping that 24 hours is enough time to gain this understanding.
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      Dec 14 2011: Andres,

      I feel that you and I are one in the same pertaining to this topic. I also find that being understanding of any situation is very important; and at times, I can be a bit 'obsessed' as well.

      I truly believe that in order for people to live amongst each other in peace; we need to understand their background, so to speak; and, where they come from: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually...all encompassing.That is not to say we must accept it, but we should do our absolute best to understand it; as acceptance and understanding are not the same.

      Personally, I find great pleasure in discovering the root of someones opinion and actions.
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    Dec 16 2011: QUOTE: "If you could trade lives for 24 hours; who would you trade with? Why?"



    There is no one, imagined or real, I would rather be.
    • Dec 16 2011: There is noone anywhere whom you might want to learn from?

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        Dec 16 2011: Why sad?

        I learn from people everyday.

        I simply would not want to be anyone else.

        (Aside from an idle and entertaining diversion ... I would think it sad if anyone really (really) wanted to be anyone other than who they are.)
        • Dec 16 2011: You and I both learn from people every day, but neither of us can really _know_ what's going on in another person's head - what makes them view and value life differently.

          A kind of body and mind switch would give us an opportunity to get a real handle on how different we are (or maybe, how much the same) - far beyond what could be glanced from the outside.

          I will partially agree with you about not wanting to be someone else - but let me make a little amendment from my side: I wouldn't want to be someone else _PERMANENTLY_. But since the hypothetical question is about a switch for a day - I would see it more as an opportunity to get a view on the world that you would not be able to get any other way.
          Wouldn't you be curious enough to actually feel what's going through another human being's mind, for a strictly limited time?
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          Dec 19 2011: Thomas,
          I do agree that no one should want to be anybody but who they are; however, that wasn't my question or the direction I was looking for with this post. This was to allow your mind to think of the different lifestyles people live and to expand your perspectives and considerations to others; to learn, to appreciate, to see in a different light than your own.
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        Dec 16 2011: Hi Benedikt,

        You ask "Wouldn't you be curious enough to actually feel what's going through another human being's mind, for a strictly limited time?"

        I tend to take things rather literally and I really thought about "trading places" both when I offered an answer and again when you commented and I really wouldn't want to switch.

        I'd rather read a biography.
  • Dec 15 2011: I would switch with someone whose viewpoints I might be feeling hostile towards - to experience why they feel that way, and what makes them tick.
    And - hopefully, gain understanding of the 'other side' of my viewpoint.

    (Think of it as the ultimate version of Elizabeth Lesser's idea of "take the other to lunch"; and Kathryn Schulz' on "being wrong".)
  • Dec 11 2011: Hitler when he was young. If he traded places with me, he would'nt think his life was so bad and he would'nt go on a mad rampage ;-)
  • Dec 10 2011: I would like to trade with myself,because I like myself than others.If one cant learn from our own mistakes means how can we get Ideas from others.
    I like to mention one quote too" Brilliants will learn from others where the fools from their own mistakes ".
    Sometimes its better to be fool than to be diplomatic brilliant(for example,A lanky assemblage of shortcoming people)
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      Dec 14 2011: As much as I truly do agree with and understand your point; can you not agree that there are situations which you will never be involved in and/or experiences you will never be subject to? In that sense, how could one possibly comprehend the learning experience, knowledge and wisdom that accompanies those situations.

      An individual cannot learn from something that has never directly or indirectly affected them; but, that is not to say that we shouldn't learn, or that it wouldn't be beneficial for us to learn the same lesson as the individual it has/had directly affected.
      • Dec 14 2011: Thanks,for your comments,
        "An individual cannot learn from something that has never directly or indirectly affected them; but, that is not to say that we shouldn't learn, or that it wouldn't be beneficial for us to learn the same lesson as the individual it has/had directly affected."
        Nice 1
        Hope I will learn from the lanky assemblage of shortcoming peoples too.
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    Dec 9 2011: I would volunteer in trading lives for a day with people who need to rest, I'd offer them a day in my home and take care or their strenuous jobs for them.
    They would be welcome to the fridge, the couch, internet, DVDs. At night, I'd come back and we'd talk about what I'd have learned about being them. There is not much to learn from my lazy existence, but I would love to lend it to anyone in need of rest and recreation.
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      Dec 14 2011: Ah Gerald, you say that 'there isn't much to learn from your lazy existence;' but, maybe there is. For that individual with a lack of rest who you trade lives with, even if only for 24 hours; they may learn how to take the time to relax as they may have been neglecting their personal needs for others. That individual may learn how to relax, in general.

      The smallest aspects of life tend to be what we all take for granted or overlook; relaxation, being one of them.
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        Dec 15 2011: You're right. And it won't last. I'll be busy soon enough. So let's sponge up all the life lesson's from letting go of achievements and make the most of it.
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          Dec 15 2011: Gerald, a friend of mine was reading this blog and offered to switch lives with you for a month! Lol, it would seem he is in dire needs of relaxation! :-)
  • Jan 4 2012: Brittney,

    Good question. I have been thinking about it for several days. I assume we only get one opportunity so I wanted to choose wisely.

    Alexander the Great once said, "Sex and sleep alone remind me I am mortal." I think most men admire the confidence that exhibits, and so my mind was immediately drawn to Alexander. However, I am working to achieve that level of existence on my own, and feel it would be less valuable to experience through someone else. So I dismissed the Macedonian.

    I also thought of Theodosia Burr. As a woman, living through her would open my eyes to the inner workings of the feminine mystique. As a revolutionary, living through her would allow me to experience the time of America's founding, which I would cherish. I would also get to converse with Aaron Burr and the other patriots who would often come to enjoy her company.

    But both Alexander and Theodosia, though intriguing, are both too impersonal for a connection so intimate. I would love to see the world through the eyes of my daughter. Or live a day as my wife. I believe I could benefit immensely from either.

    However, as my final decision, I would live a day as my father. He died several years ago when I had just graduated HS, and I miss him terribly. If I had to be him just so that I could look in the mirror and see him, I would do it. Death and weeping alone remind me I am mortal.

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    Dec 16 2011: I admire your confidence and beauty, but as you probably know, because I think that you're intelligent too, most people's experiences are unique. I am now a happy old man who was recently diagnosed with MS. When I was 17, I was a happy champion basketball player and an abstract expressionist painter. While I changed my artistic expression from large oil painting to digital which is GREAT, I'd like to feel again the rush of dunking (the ball, not Oreos),
    and maybe to try to ask you for a dance : )

    I'm not a wordsmith and English is not my native tongue but at 17 I would've written you a poem in Romanian or French.
    My writing was pathetic in its youthfulness but sincere and I miss that as well.
    Just for a day, and then—back to reality would be fine.
    If you didn't, please read In Search of Lost Time:

    Best regards,

    PS I'm not trying to change who I am but I'd love to travel in time briefly.
  • Dec 15 2011: I would want to live as someone suffering in a third world country so that I can understand the heart of their problems, what needs to be fixed, and what I believe can be done. I feel that there are a lot of things that we do not know and by doing so, I could bring a change to many lives.
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    Dec 14 2011: I would want to trade places with Diagones. I would want to sit with the great minds of old and pick their brains for a day.To see truly what they thought and experienced.To meet Alexander the Great get some of his insights on the world. and why he did the things he did.To have a dialog with some of the greatest thinkers of the ancient world.
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    Dec 14 2011: Personally, I would trade lives with someone who lives in severe poverty and discomfort.

    I am not one who takes life or people for granter or does not appreciate what I have; however, I feel that by living a day in their life- it would give me a much greater appreciation for the simple and small things; the things within each and every one of our lives that seem to be overlooked.

    By seeing first hand how they live and their daily struggles, I believe I could learn how to be a better person to others; giving more donations, partaking in volunteer opportunities, support, etc.
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    Jan 7 2012: As it is just for 24 hours, probably with Bill gates. Once traded, write a cheque of $100 million to myself( former me ) and then go about in his private jet.
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    Jan 4 2012: 24 hours? You!

    My point is what I would gain from the experience would be the same regardless of who I traded lives with..

    The question is, who would agree to trade lives with me?!
  • Jan 2 2012: I would trade places with the girl that lives at the end of my street. She lives in a rice field in a house made of bamboo, she came to my office and asked if she could have the packing from our new refrigerator, she wanted to make a new bed!

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      Jan 4 2012: Why don't you spread the word around your office to see if any of your co-workers have furniture, household supplies, etc. they would be willing to donate?
  • Dec 16 2011: Hi Brittney

    I have a few people in mind: maybe Warren Buffet or a Rothschild. A Rockefeller would be ok too.


    So I can find out how they plan on bringing in the United Earth Alliance. O.o

    Might pick up a few investing tips as well....
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    Dec 16 2011: I read all the the comments (including mine :) ) and I am surprised by ourselves! One big group wants to trade their day with themselves and another group would like to do some charity work with the trade.
    I am just wondering everybody, is it really this way? I mean one of the hardest, most difficult things in the world is to overcome our basic instincts - to have sex, to have money, to have power in an unlimited amount. Don't worry, we are not evil because of desiring these; it is evolution, that is how we are programmed to be.
    So, honestly, who would you trade with?
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    Dec 15 2011: I agree with Tibor, this is an amazing question! When you include mythical people the options are limitless. I would definitely pick a Greek God and I would pick Zeus. His life appeals for the obvious reasons: opposite sex to myself, a God with extraordinary power and the ultimate leader, King of the Olympians. However what interests me the most is the interplay between the lives of the Gods and the mortals on Earth. I think being able to see humanity from an objective perspective would be riveting, looking at us with all our weaknesses and temptations and the consequences. Zeus was very anthropomorphic but he never really had to face consequences for his selfish decisions. I would be curious as to whether death would suddenly become an appealing concept when one is going to live forever/ whether love is as eternal as people tend to believe when the idea of eternity is very real and tangible. I also wonder what the relationship between Gods and humans would be like: is it equivalent to ours with ants, or dogs perhaps, creatures with smaller minds, limited perception and whose sensory functions are vastly inferior to our own?

    William Blake once wrote: 'how do you know but ev'ry Bird that cuts the airy way is an Immense world of Delight, clos'd by our senses five?' and this question makes me think of all that. The possibilities for knowledge beyond a priori and a posteriori are again limitless. This is why I would be a God.
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    Dec 15 2011: I'd like to "trade" with myself… at age 17.
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      Dec 15 2011: 2 years ago, I would have LOVED to trade lives with myself at age 17; however, I am proud of the person I have become and the morals and goals I have developed. If you were to live a day in your 17 year old life again, what would you do differently and how do you feel that difference would change who you are today?
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    Dec 15 2011: I am tempted to say 'your boyfriend' however, inappropriate,it is. OK Who's head , who's life would i like to get inside of? Think I'd like to get into the head of someone living 250 years from now. Yep. I'd like to see that. I'd like to see us then.And I'd like to see it through the eyes of a humanist.
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      Dec 15 2011: Philip, I think that would be very interesting to see!! However, I don't think I am brave enough to indulge myself into the life of a 'boyfriend' haha.
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        Dec 27 2011: Indulge yourself. Be my guest. There is nothing to fear.
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    Dec 14 2011: I would trade places with Jay-Z, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, or Oprah because their lives are a fascinating mystery to me. I'm always curious about who they run into and who they admire and surround themselves. I think I could learn a lot about myself, about hard work, and about passion or dedication...maybe even perseverance from these people. Most importantly, I'd learn a ton about business.
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    Dec 10 2011: -Myself!!
    - Many reasons
    - Nothing :P (When I am myself, what can I learn from the one who I will trade with who is myself lol)