Kimo Kekahuna

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1/1/12 World Day of Peace. 24 Hour global ceasefire beginning with New Years Eve Celebrations. World largest ever participation event.

2012 is the end of the old world. As the world turns so with the people dance to the beat of a different drummer. It is time for nature to take back the world. It is time for peace on Earth among the tribes of the desert. It is time for the people to celebrate life, global connectivity, and create New Years Day as annual day of Aloha.. day of no war, peace. With peace all other issues can be solved. It has to be something that is tangible, Peace is good business. New Years Day is not religious, not commercial, not political, i is human day and we can celebrate life and hope for our future generations to live in peace and friendship. Bang your drum... just don't kill anyone 1/1/12 and you have contributed to world peace. The drum is key as it is heartbeat of the mother, it is first sound we hear.. armies march to the drum and people can dance to the beat of a new world that lives in peace.