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How to maintain a good relationship with friends?

I have to admit that I just can't do well in maintaining friendship. Most of my friends lost connection with me or left me gradually. I'm trying to save some especially precious friends, but I don't know how to do it.
So, can you give me some advice?

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    Dec 9 2011: Lesley, you pose a question. Most people would ask you: what are you looking to get out a relationship that you are not currently getting

    Instead, I think the way to keep friends is to focus on what you are trying GIVE rather than get out of it. Serving others is the key to any lasting relationships.

    Wenceslao has good point as well.
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      Dec 11 2011: I know but I can't require my friends in return. And I feel I have tried many ways to show how much I value them, but maybe they just don't notice that.

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