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What makes an ethical society?

Is it religion? The fear of eternal damnation in the afterlife will keep us on track.

Is it a sense of national pride? I love my country, therefore I love all those who dwell within it.

Is it the belief in a strong leader? He/She leads by example, so we must follow by the same example.

Is it wealth? Now I have my house, my car, my yearly holiday I can start caring more about the people around me.


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      Dec 9 2011: So Colin. Are there any current societies that you would consider ethical?
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        Dec 10 2011: I also know of seven million + individuals out of all nations and tribes and peoples who are currently forming an ethical society worldwide, and consider themselves a united brotherhood. They have united using knowledge of scriptures and are actively trying to teach others how to live in peace with their fellow man. They are politically neutral regardless of where they live. They refuse to bear arms against their fellow man. They have been, and continue to be the object of hatred and misinformation worldwide. People will seldom stop to talk to them and ask questions to get to the truth about their beliefs.

        I admire their work.

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