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Will there ever be singularity?

Can we ever artificially create an intelligence that will surpass the human intelligence?


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    Dec 9 2011: I think the only obstacle for human beings is that we don't know "everything" and because of that we're caught off guard. Information is the key to intelligence. IMHO, im all in for artificial intelligence but will it ever surpass human intelligence? I highly doubt that. One of the reasons would be the fact since it is human beings that will create it, the lack of complete knowledge on our side, is likely to effect its creation.
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      Dec 9 2011: It's not a question of if AI will someday surpass us but when. Sure we're the ones that will build the first AI but it's AI that will build the second and the third etc. AI can have all the worlds knowledge and start making links between that data (same as a human mind) but it can do it fast and more efficiently.

      We already have AI that can beat the worlds best chess players. That alone proves that we're capable of building something that can surpass our of minds.

      A super AI will be born. That's one thing all the experts agree on. They just can't agree on when. Last I looked they said 10-30 years

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