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Offering programs at work such as flextime, telecommuting and sharing of tasks can balance the gap between office/family and social life?

Some organizations do not believe in offering programs such as flextime, telecommuting and sharing of tasks and work life balance. What is the reasoning of that? Can anyone explain that? The answer will be posted on my university work of my degree in Strategic Management
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  • Dec 9 2011: my best guess is that they do not want emotions from your personal life to affect your work life. For example you talk to your wife and she says she is making a delicious chicken for dinner.What mite happen is you find yourself thinking about chicken you imagine its taste and texture its mouth watering.Now not only have you been sidetracked but you are starving and need to postpone work to grab a snack so you can focus on work. One phone call to you wife has made you waste close to twenty minutes of work and who knows you might think about the chicken again.
  • Dec 9 2011: Good answer, you just gave me the idea of drawing the attention of the class to the chiken subject and they will not pay attention to the other subject i was talking about (the question above)