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"Do the agents of our imagination shape who we really are?"

How much of our imagination shapes our memory. Our past is Not remembered by the self at the time something happened, but the self who does the remembering, interpreting, setting in stone. Who sculpts a memory to fit what? a self we want to fit into our future story?


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  • Dec 9 2011: we perceive events and store them as memory in our brain. memory's are instantly accessible after storage. imagination on the other hand is what we use to paint our memory's. we do not sculpt memory's we use imagination to perceive what is stored, our current imagination can alter a memory temporarily through choice, but no permanent changes can be made. what can happen though is a memory is not recollected for a long time details fade, thats when we use our imagination to touch up the details and we choose how to detail through analysis of our current self and analysis of a memory from a similar time. through logic we construct the most accurate touch ups.however you might one day catch an aroma that triggers the original memory replacing your touch ups.

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