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Get universities to conduct more research related to lowering the cost of MRi devices.

This non-invasive means of interacting with the body is a key to editing the bulk of the human body but MRi is too expensive for universal access.

Despite the need for research in this area, many universities don't place emphasis on it.

Tell your alma mater to work on finding low-cost MRi technologies!

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    Dec 13 2011: Still, having a MRgFUS operation is cheaper than the running cost of a standard operating room for that period of time.
  • Dec 12 2011: 180 for an MRI is what they pay in Japan for lower-quality imaging services using older equipment. I don't really see your point.

    MRI technology still costs way too much to be a routine practice.
  • Dec 12 2011: MRI technology is already cheap... read this.
    Now we just need to figure out a reasonable way to bring it to the US.