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Why isn't TED also a Television station? Couldn't it either make a lot of money, or support a lot of wishes?

Couldn't they just broadcast talks 24/7, and wouldn't a lot of us turn it on in the background? I would... Seems like a money maker to me. The History Channel is all about aliens and the end of the world, and The Discovery Channel is mostly about cutting down trees now... Is there even a niche market for smart television any more? Could TED capture it?

What do you think?

I edited the title, because I accidentally gave people the impression that I would rather have TED be a TV station, than an internet active search medium... That had never occurred to me, I merely thought it would be cool to also have a TED television station.

Also, the idea of advertising revenue, made a lot of people cringe. While personally, I actually don't mind the idea of the people at TED getting rich, and trying to make their content more accessible for TV, since everyone knows there are many less deserving organizations... I understand, that, in general, most people are angry at traditional ideas of capitalism now, and they immediately jumped to the conclusion, that basically, the corporations would take over, it would be dumbed down, and there would be a boat load of advertising.

That argument has tended to prove true as intellectual material tries to reach a broader audience, IE afformentioned The History Channel, which is now proud to say "Made every day"... No it's not, certainly not by Ice Road Truckers, or anyone else on The History Channel nowadays... So... I revise, both, to avoid the argument, and because I like this idea better anyway.

On top of remaining the same organization it is on the internet, wouldn't it be nice, if TED was also one of the first Not For Profit Television Stations. Still funded by advertising, but with small, living wage salaries, with benefits... and advertisers chosen by TED, with the goal of implementing ideas talked about on the shows. Or, chosen by TED's online community. You want to advertise here? What problem are you solving?


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    Dec 9 2011: i hate to sound as a pessimist, but i think TED is less likely to retain its audiences with obnoxious realities shows in different networks.
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      Dec 9 2011: I think it might simply find a small enough niche to turn a profit... Also I mention above, I think it should be a channel even on ted, like a random q... you can throw on in the background and look at other apps... Wouldn't that be cool? Because you lose the ability to choose what you watch, you randomly get exposed to things you otherwhise wouldn't.

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