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What recent documentaries have moved you? What change have you made or actions have you taken based on a film?

here is a list of documentaries to start things off. pls add to the list.

for me, the docs on the food supply have been very impactful. I have changed a number of eating habits based on food, inc and other films.

which films have impacted you?

1. sputnik moment

2. food matters

3. fast food nation

4. gasland

5. a list from my friend:

Jesus Camp
Inside Deepthroat
8: The Mormon Proposition
American Teen
After Innocence
Countdown to Zero
Grizzly Man
Capturing the Friedmans
The Cove
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
Valentino: The Last Emporer
Stranded: I Come from the Plane that Crashed in the Mountains

6. food inc.

7. catfish


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    Mar 3 2011: After reading TOO BIG TO FAIL by Sorkin and THE BIG SHORT by Michael Lewis, I'm anxiously awaiting to see the Oscar winning documentary "INSIDE JOB". Then I will wait for some Wall Street crooks to go to jail.

    Then I'll watch GASLAND while the NY regulators are debating the new regs on gas drilling. Then I will wait for radioactive waste water to contaminate the ground water and local water wells.