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If Warren Buffet is considered the biggest genius in investment and finance in the country, why does wall street not emulate his style?

The Oracle of Omaha is touted as the smart guy in finance. Ask anyone. It's Buffet and no one else as # 1.

But Wall Street is very much a churn and burn society. They generate profits from speculation, not company building. They build perception. Buffet invests in brick and mortar for the long haul.

Take Microsoft or IBM. These are companies that generate $$Billions of dollars of profit. However, if the quarterly report misses analysts projections by a penny, the stock WILL FALL, even though the company increase profit by 7% from the prior year. That's stupid and that's Wall Street.

When the manager of corporate stocks is beholden to perception (Wall Street), not performance and value (Buffet), an economy must suffer.

But Buffet is not rock 'n roll. He is Wonderbread. He plays bridge.

Wall Street investment bankers earn 50 million dollars a year (pittance compared to Warren) but live in penthouses, date supermodels and drive a Ferrari. That's the perception anyhow.

Buffet builds and invests in good companies, Wall Street plunders and profits. Investors have short attention spans. They want the Madoff size returns.


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    Dec 8 2011: This is purely your opinion & not based on facts. However, with respect to your point of view, perhaps Wall Street (in general) doesn't share Buffets all-encompassing worldly view on finance & investment. In the sense that it's more than the sum of its parts... In current times, maybe the bankers you mention don't share his ideology. Why do you think this is? Mass psychology of Instant gratification?

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