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How can I bring TED to my community?

I'm sixteen years old and a junior in perhaps the most competitive high school in the state - our student population is 40% Asian and the school won the Governor's Cup for three consecutive years for highest SAT scores.

The academic atmosphere, however, is suffocating; the students here have tunnel-visioned obsessions with getting into elite colleges, transforming what should be an enriching educational experience into an arduous journey of dog-eat-dog-competition, high stress, high pressure, and high stakes.

Because of this, my greatest dream is to host a TEDx talk here focused on education. I want to show my overworked peers the payoff of unfettered thought - not for college, but for oneself.

How do I do this? Where would one start in organizing a TEDx talk and how does one come about inviting speakers? I know inviting prominent speakers is expensive - is there a way to offset this cost? (If I could get Ken Robinson to speak at a TEDx event at my school, my life would be pretty much complete).

Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated! If everything works out, I would love to try to get a TEDx event together next school semester.


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    Dec 8 2011: Awesome to hear that you are thinking of hosting a TEDx event at your school! To start, you should visit here to find out all of the information and guidelines for hosting a TEDx event.http://www.ted.com/pages/organize_tedx_event.

    TEDx event names should be location-based -- in your case, you may name it after your school -- but each can have their own theme and focus. For example, your theme could be "Education Revolution", and you could have speakers from a variety of fields talk about that. (A reminder that TEDx events, like TED, should be multidisciplinary).

    The format of a TEDx event is a combination of TEDTalks (like Sir Ken Robinson!) and local speakers. TEDx events are community-driven, and speakers at your event should be great undiscovered voices from your local community. The goal shouldn't necessarily be to get Ken Robinson, but to have the next Ken Robinson speak at your event.

    If you have any more questions about TEDx, please do email us at tedx@ted.com.

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