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Will e-books replace traditional books

Will ebooks replace traditional books in the coming 30 years?

Will people choose the lighter, more efficient ebook rather than carrying many heavier books?

Or Will people keep on using traditional books because they are friendly to the eye, unlike ebook readers?

What impact will this have on the society in terms of quantity and quality of the education of new generations?

What do you personally prefer? Do you think of changing? Why?

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  • Dec 9 2011: Are you implying that actual books give you less privacy? Would you not be worried about the massive amount of consumer data that would be made around what you purchase to read? If your country ever descends into some McCarthy era HUAC witch hunt on the left would you want to have people know you've read (or merely purchased) things by Marx?

    And just something to note the person I referred to was a woman.

    $100 or £100 as they cost in the U.K. is still a lot of money when unemployment is the west is around 8% and the rest of us are carrying round debt.

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