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Will e-books replace traditional books

Will ebooks replace traditional books in the coming 30 years?

Will people choose the lighter, more efficient ebook rather than carrying many heavier books?

Or Will people keep on using traditional books because they are friendly to the eye, unlike ebook readers?

What impact will this have on the society in terms of quantity and quality of the education of new generations?

What do you personally prefer? Do you think of changing? Why?

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  • Dec 8 2011: You quoted the wrong statistic in your response, you quoted the global population not those who have access to the internet. Those number are here "360,985,492" which you can look at yourself on the table in the web page. I think it's easy to see how low that figure is compared to the global population figures you cited (On a side note citing web pages for statistics is a big no-no as they have no peer review process).

    The other limit to access is cost. While you may be able to get into an internet cafe' once in awhile or use a public internet service at a library that doesn't mean you have the disposable income to purchase a £100 'toy' and then you have to factor in, the cheap cost I recognise, buying books.

    Currently buying brand new hardback copy of books is expensive and for the cost of 10 books you could have that ebook reader but if you make use of public library facilities, buy books second hand or borrow them from friends it would take you some time to reach that figure.

    Also books have a history to them when bought second hand that digital media can never have. I purchased a copy of The Communist Manifesto a couple of years ago from a second hand book shop near my university campus. On the inside part of the cover was a name and a date. Bored one day I googled that name and the name of my university to discover that the person whom owned it was now an aide to a republican senator. From owning a piece of Marxist literature in Scotland to being part of a right wing insititution in the U.S. is quite interesting, no?
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      Dec 8 2011: Thank you for correcting my copying mistake :P

      Kindle for around $100 with space for thousands of books.

      ebooks are cheaper.
      You can get almost any book in the internet. TORRENT ( I know, you'll say it is stealing)

      You said it!! books keep the history of the reader. NO PRIVACY!! (your example: keep yourself in his position)

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