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What do you think of Planet Kepler 22b?

Is this the next "Earth"?

Will we "move here?

What will we do with this massive planet and when?


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  • Dec 7 2011: I think it is widely accepted that at some point humanity (or whatever we exist as in the future) will have to leave this planet. This could be influenced by many factors and I'm sure we're all aware of most of them such as climate change, expanding population and war. There are also the very far off endpoints such as the expansion of the sun and the possibility of meteors striking the planet.

    The research into planets which are like earth is extremely interesting but eventually we're going to have to reinvest in the space programmes to actually capatalise on their existence. I believe the closest planet in the goldylocks zone is much further away than the distance reached by any man made object yet so evidently we have to improve the capacity of moving these great distances.

    I can't imagine a method of transport that would make the distances insignificant so I believe it will merely be the closest planet on which we have a certain degree of information that will be habitated first by mankind.

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