Jorge Contreras

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What is your surce of Inspiration? a walk on the park, sports, what helps you belive in your self and in your dreams?

Humans act like sponges it is important to unterstand the power of words,actions and role models... we want to reach our dreams and feel happy on the way.. what Inspired humans to become better?

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    Dec 7 2011: TED, reading, nature and loved ones.
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    Dec 7 2011: I suppose I have a few inspirational sources; family, music and knowledge.
    - My family inspires me with their support and their ever loving hearts.
    - Music speaks the words I am too intimidated to speak myself.
    - Knowledge allows me to view the world from various perspectives and reflect on the situational importance/experience offered.
    All encompassing, they inspire me to live a full life with love and happiness; and, to not allow one miniscule event harm my soul (in excess).
  • Dec 7 2011: Knowing that there are an unlimited amount of universal laws that can allow a person to obtain anything that the mind can perceive. Knowing that everything is already here, and that nothing is new. These are a few of my motivations
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    Dec 7 2011: Driving, Orff's Prometheus, dinner with friends.
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    Dec 7 2011: Aspirations are a two edged sword. If we have 'dreams' what has motivated that dream? It is difficult for wealth-laden modern human primates to differentiate between needs, desires and neurotic wish-fulfilment. When an individual is able to undergo a process of deep inner understanding we often discover that our cup runneth over, only we couldn't see it.