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An ideation destination for The City 2.0

This Year's TED Prize is fantastic in idea and scope...

I am proposing an online forum to start specific interest groups in turning ideas into action for The City 2.0.

We start here... and gather both online, and in locations on the planet that can serve as Idea and Action hubs for City 2.0....

Live from Earth...

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    Dec 6 2011: ...

    Can we find each other by interest groups via The City 2.0, grow our conversations and gather... in 2.0 suburbs of the world that merge together ? Ideation Destinations? ... Thoughts ?
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      Dec 6 2011: So Terry, explain this to me. The City 2.0 is an idea that just received a $100,000 prize?

      What am I missing here?
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      Dec 7 2011: Terry, this used to happen all the time. What is historically called the Liquid Network are coffee shops, pubs and bars around the world. C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien did it.

      The question is, how do you do it in a way that not only gets a following but also has powerful action behind it?
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        Dec 7 2011: ...

        I think the historical tie breaker is, this moment in time and TED. the former meaning, the world is in intense high need, economic downturn, real sustainability issues, global interdependance, and yet, unprecedented connectivity/ communication. ADD to this the synergy and brain trust of TED... it's a most amazing time to be alive and focussed on how to live differently on this round mobile home....

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