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In ten words or less, what is a question no one (yet) knows the answer to?

Is there life outside of our planet?

What's a bigger factor in our development: environment or genetics?

Is there any real truth, or is everything relative?

What will the earth be like in 100 years?

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    Dec 7 2011: Can science explain consciousness?
    • Dec 7 2011: Or what was the first conscious thought that humans had? I tend to think that it was ¨I can direct my actions¨ ... and not ¨I exist¨
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        Dec 7 2011: Along with quantum mechanics, the study of consciousness forces the empiricism of science to be moved, kicking and screaming, into the realm of the metaphysical.

        The uneasy relationship between the scientific method and the metaphysical, and how it develops, will be fascinating to watch.

        I await the inevitability of their embrace with bated breath.

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