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If you could make a wish on behalf of The City 2.0, what would it be?

Today, TED announces the winner of the 2012 TED Prize: the City 2.0. The City 2.0 is the city of the future ... a future in which more than 10 billion people on planet Earth must somehow live sustainably, together. The City 2.0 is not a sterile utopian dream, but a real-world upgrade tapping into humanity's collective wisdom. The City 2.0 promotes innovation, education, culture and economic opportunity. The City 2.0 reduces the carbon footprint of its occupants and eases the environmental pressure on the world's rural areas. The City 2.0 is a place of beauty, wonder, excitement, inclusion, diversity, life. The City 2.0 is the city that works.

A range of visionaries around the world will be advocates on behalf of the City 2.0. We are listening to them -- and to you.

What is your wish for The City 2.0? A wish capable of igniting a massive collaborative project among the members of the global TED community, and indeed all who care about our planet's future.

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    Dec 6 2011: We should create The Constitution of the Earth based on the ideals of inclusiveness, diversity, sustainability, collaboration and tolerance. We should create a Worldwide Ethical Business Charter and a seal that shows that businesses subscribe to the charter so our buying power can be directed toward companies that believe in promoting the health and well-being of every creature on this planet and sustaining the Earth. We should create a website and database of people committed to growing the idea and spreading the concepts. We should create a world wide open source accredited internet school that teaches every subject to the highest level attainable, utilizing the best teachers on the planet in every subject so every one has access to the best possible education in whatever he or she is passionate about. We must commit to eradicate hunger worldwide. We must bring our religious leaders together to promote inclusiveness and tolerance in the ways we worship and we should have them have a collaborative religious service televised worldwide every year. We should promote ideas that encourage creativity and freedom of expression as that is the root of what moves all of us. All these things are attainable and practical, they are not idealist dreams. Together, we are unstoppable.

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