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Is happiness an emergent property?

Can we become happier? Do others make us happy? Or unhappy for that matter? Is it in our control? Or are we victims of circumstance?

Is happiness like romantic love - in that if we try too hard and want it too much it escapes us? Is Dan Gilbert right in that we stumble upon it - or Srikumar Rao in suggesting it just a revealing process? Or maybe they both are?


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  • Mar 6 2011: The happiness is not to be pursued. It is byproduct of fulfillment and fulfillment is byproduct of living purposeful, meaningful, clear-minded life.
    We don't pursue laughter (although they are laughing clubs), we do not seek funny, unless you are comedian, but when we look at life with a joyous heart we suddenly have great sense of humor! And then things are funny and then we laugh. Not the other way around.
    The words to boggle your mind and send you on the path of destruction (like chase of happiness) are found in religious texts, political declarations, laws and constitutions.
    Stay away from it.
    Find what you love, work on it, become good at it, do it every day and one day you will know your purpose, you will be fulfilled... and voila! YOU WILL BE HAPPY!!!

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