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Is happiness an emergent property?

Can we become happier? Do others make us happy? Or unhappy for that matter? Is it in our control? Or are we victims of circumstance?

Is happiness like romantic love - in that if we try too hard and want it too much it escapes us? Is Dan Gilbert right in that we stumble upon it - or Srikumar Rao in suggesting it just a revealing process? Or maybe they both are?


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    Mar 2 2011: People often tell me I was born happy. Was I born any happier then others? I'm not so sure about that, what I am sure about is that my positive mental attitude more often then not allows me to be happy in any given situation.

    Now let's not call out the guards with straight jackets just yet, I don't mean to say that I only experience happiness, nor am I saying I am happy when things are sad or simply suck. But I do mean to say that in most instances I can find happiness sitting on the sideline watching us, and I've noticed happiness has an open door policy that invites us to walk in and embrace it. I've also noticed that happiness flourishes in absence of judgement.

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