Robert Murray

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Aesthetics, is Art appreciation or creation? When Art is driven by appreciation alone, Art dies. Art lives in the soul of its Creator.

Anyone who has read the Artist Way quickly realizes that as human beings, we desire to be creative, we are at our best when we are creating albeit a smudgy finger painting or a Rodin sculpture. What happens to the artist child is that they are bullied by the "all too good" intentions of educators, parents, peers, friends and associates. Why does this happen? I mean really, ask yourself honestly, "why does this happen?" Why are those who stand up to the bullying, choosing to remain faithful to self-expression, tolerance, and respect, branded as different, outcasts and queer. Why do we trade our red laced hi-tops and purple hair for acceptance? Does our desire to belong, to fit in, to be successful, quench the fire in our souls? Why do we smother the child's expressions with "let me show you how" or "have you tried this (or that)" ... are our experiences better that theirs? Is there anything positive in criticism? Is technique valued above expression. Does representation surpass non representation? If we do not understand it, we dismiss it, perhaps we are not yet able to appreciate what we see presented before our eyes? Perhaps we are too quick to judge true Art as crap because we are not yet on the same level of appreciation as its Creator. In our society, their work is not valued, it can't be bought or bartered, we label the Artist as not any good ... so what happens to this Artist? ... what happens to true Art? What is true Art?