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Is the music of today good or bad?

I know I'm not the only person familiar with rap. I think rap music is one of the worst influences on children who listen to it. Rap music delivers incredibly obnoxious messages, like "gettin' paper" and "smack dat ass." The reason I bring up rap is because I think the hip hop genre is the most popular in my age group, and rap is the reason why I think music is bad these days.

I think we humans aren't expressing our full emotional potential with our music today, but rather marketing. Music doesn't inspire anymore, but instead it leads the blind. People blindly follow themes that are absolutely counterproductive to a functional humanity, and its somewhat disappointing. Having said this, I can say that I'm no expert in music. I myself don't listen to very much except for what is played around me. TED members can give me their ideas however, and hopefully they can support music.

  • Dec 12 2011: I would'nt say the music of today is bad.
    Firstly, there are so many bands and artists that listening to them all is impossible. Secondly, music is all down to someones personal taste.
    I would agree however, that a large protion of artists on TV and radio, are not 'good'. They are being promoted by their rich connections and have the way to the 'charts' paid for, taking attention away from the 'real' artists. They are just those people that go into being a singer because they 'want to', not because theyre good at it.
    Do not care what music other people are listening to, go and find your own.
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