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What will be the long term effect of Canada from abandoning its Kyoto Protocol Commitment? Have we lost our will?

Up until now, the only saving grace we had was our cap on Greenhouse emissions. Not only as a means to protect our environment, but as a means to LIMIT consumption. Our society has a thirst for energy, and a thirst for wealth. These are inherit to the human psyche. The more we have the more we will succeed and be "on top". Do we really think we can have 7 billion people "on top"?

We are running things the wrong way! Innovation and science are no longer motivated by creativity and progress but by profit alone.

I am SICK of hearing the question "is there a market for it?"

WHO F#CKING CARES! Do you want your children to embrace personal success and status, or do you want them to grow up with compassion?

Most of the talks I see on here today seem to be about empathy. Everyone agrees the solution to the problem is empathy. Well, I can tell you, MANKIND WILL NEVER EMBRACE EMPATHY AS LONG AS PROFIT IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES!

Good-bye Canada :( you are losing grips with the quality I loved most about you...


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      Dec 7 2011: There is substantial evidence that CO2 emissions are the cause of global warming ( I prefer the term climate change). The CO2 cycle is not regulated on human CO2 emissions alone, that much is very true, but the release of CO2 by combustion of hydrocarbons (from humans) is greatly accelerating the natural cycle. I don't think the Kyoto protocol is the solution to emission, because what is done cannot be undone and we will still require energy from the combustion of hydrocarbons. My major concern is that withdrawal from a commitment is implying that there is no benefit to pursuing that commitment. If we withdrawal from the protocol, I feel as though the whole "green movement" will start to diminish. I am just saying, that even though we will benefit economically, I am concerned that Canada will lose focus of innovation for the sake of sustainability. Whether this is in the form of research funding or national pride. I hope I made my concern a bit more clear, and I do appreciate the feedback.

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