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What will be the long term effect of Canada from abandoning its Kyoto Protocol Commitment? Have we lost our will?

Up until now, the only saving grace we had was our cap on Greenhouse emissions. Not only as a means to protect our environment, but as a means to LIMIT consumption. Our society has a thirst for energy, and a thirst for wealth. These are inherit to the human psyche. The more we have the more we will succeed and be "on top". Do we really think we can have 7 billion people "on top"?

We are running things the wrong way! Innovation and science are no longer motivated by creativity and progress but by profit alone.

I am SICK of hearing the question "is there a market for it?"

WHO F#CKING CARES! Do you want your children to embrace personal success and status, or do you want them to grow up with compassion?

Most of the talks I see on here today seem to be about empathy. Everyone agrees the solution to the problem is empathy. Well, I can tell you, MANKIND WILL NEVER EMBRACE EMPATHY AS LONG AS PROFIT IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES!

Good-bye Canada :( you are losing grips with the quality I loved most about you...


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    Dec 7 2011: As a Canadian, I have the sinking feeling that our government has looked at global warming and that it might have decided that it might not be so bad for Canada. With the opening of the north west passage, with the warming of our weather patterns we might actually be able to cccupy and farm more of the country. I have no real evidence that they are thinking this way- just a hunch but it might explain the current government's stance on failing to meet the commitments of previous administrations. Comments?
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      Dec 7 2011: I would love to comment:D

      I have never really thought about climate change as a benefit to the economy through the opening of a new trade route or farming area. Not sure where you heard this or if you just came up with it, but it is quite ingenious :D.

      The problem with climate change is that it's patterns are not predictable. If the average temperature of the planet goes up a degree or two, it does not necessarily mean that all geographic locations will increase in temperature. There are so many variables at work. The major concern is rise in sea level, but besides this drastic concern, you also have humidity, ocean currents, wind patterns changing. How could this affect the growing conditions of the prairies? or of the Napa valley, or China? What will happen to crop conditions and how will we adjust if the impact is within a short time period? An increase in CO2 concentration also has an impact on soil and ocean acidity.

      To answer your question, I don't think that the government would view global warming as a long term benefit. If they did, I would love to meet who they consult with.

      I should mention, I am a chemistry student. I have to admit that I am not very knowledgeable in the fields of economics and politics. Though I can see the impact we are having on climate change and to ignore it, to me, seems devastating in every aspect.

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