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Have you seen an ad worth spreading? Tell us about it!

At TED, we think of an ad worth spreading as a short way of communicating an idea. The ad can be as long as it takes to communicate the idea powerfully, up to five minutes, whether that’s through state-of-the-art animation, lush imagery or an individual talking directly to the camera. What matters is the “a-ha” moment, the central idea.

Our Ads Worth Spreading initiative was created to recognize innovation, ingenuity, and intelligence in advertising: the ads that people want to see, and share with their friends. (Visit the About page of the initiative to learn more: http://www.ted.com/pages/initiatives_ads_worth_spreading_about)

If you're an agency, brand or producer who's created a campaign you're really proud of, you can enter it for consideration here: http://www.youtube.com/adsworthspreading

But, we also want to know what our TED.com community thinks an ad worth spreading is. Can advertising be informative, entertaining, or even inspiring? What's your favorite ad? Give us a link and tell us why you love it.


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