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Have you seen an ad worth spreading? Tell us about it!

At TED, we think of an ad worth spreading as a short way of communicating an idea. The ad can be as long as it takes to communicate the idea powerfully, up to five minutes, whether that’s through state-of-the-art animation, lush imagery or an individual talking directly to the camera. What matters is the “a-ha” moment, the central idea.

Our Ads Worth Spreading initiative was created to recognize innovation, ingenuity, and intelligence in advertising: the ads that people want to see, and share with their friends. (Visit the About page of the initiative to learn more: http://www.ted.com/pages/initiatives_ads_worth_spreading_about)

If you're an agency, brand or producer who's created a campaign you're really proud of, you can enter it for consideration here: http://www.youtube.com/adsworthspreading

But, we also want to know what our TED.com community thinks an ad worth spreading is. Can advertising be informative, entertaining, or even inspiring? What's your favorite ad? Give us a link and tell us why you love it.

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    Dec 5 2011: What would you do if you walked into the movies with your partner and there were 148 Hells Angels occupying all but the last two seats in the cinema? Carlsberg did a superb 'get people talking' video in Belgium a while back.

    This one plays really cleverly on human perceptions and emotions. I hope you enjoy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pid0CIbGok&feature=youtu.be&a
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      Dec 6 2011: Well that was just darn funny!
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      Dec 8 2011: That's such a great ad, Rowan! We're really trying to get that one entered. I couldn't stop asking myself ... "Would I have sat down?" That's a pretty intimidating room!!
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      Dec 10 2011: Teaching stereotypes with my high school students, we focus on gender stereotypes (women) in advertising, this one, has got to be shown in class - just excellent. Excellent!
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    Dec 5 2011: I've seen this ad couple of months ago. This ad gives a powerful message and its very moving & touchy.

    See it yourself -- the video speaks itself. Happy sharing.

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    Dec 10 2011: pinkdot.sg has clearly delivered their message http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=FrIB5Ojbqns
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      Dec 10 2011: YES! YES! YES! is this a baby step to world peace? tolerance and acceptance. when words fail - just watch this.
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      Dec 20 2011: Take this as you will within your level of understanding, but I read years ago in a book called The Field by Lynne McTaggart and I will quote directly from the book (I keep it around for reference) On the nature of illness and healing........page 197 "Deb Schnitta, the flow alignment practitioner from Pittsburgh, found that the AIDS virus seemed to feed on fear - the type of fear that might be experienced by anyone shunned by the community, as many homosexuals were during the beginning of the AIDS epidemic." The book is so involved it is impossible to put the whole thing in here, but I hope you see the idea she has! It has been proven that thoughts can heal, they must also make illness and dis-ease. Funny how people will trust that a vaccine will protect them from all illness but do not trust or take a chance that by sending out love rather than hate would heal our planet. Our environment is our looking glass, it reflects our toxic thoughts in toxic air, water and soil. I cannot think for everyone only myself. I can be an example. I choose loving & healing. .
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      Dec 22 2011: Beautiful ad. Maybe there is something like it here in Germany... got to check it out. Thank you for the posting!
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      Dec 22 2011: Wow! Thank you for sharing this!
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    Jan 4 2012: This one is really cute! I found it accidentally while looking for info on Canadian Oil Shale. I messaged the company on FB and they replied! Sweet!

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    Dec 29 2011: this Pantene commercial is amazing as well

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      Jan 4 2012: Thank you for sharing this. I cried like a baby!
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    Dec 22 2011: this as is also om my fave list,

  • Dec 22 2011: A money analogy to understand billions and trillions.
    One Hundred Million Dollar Penny. 6:33
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    Dec 9 2011: This ad is the best ad i have ever seen.


    I would categorize this as inspiring and entertaining.
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      Dec 10 2011: visually well created, the art lies in the poetry, the rhyme and imagery simultaneous to the visual effects. Very nice.
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    Dec 5 2011: there is a bmw ad i saw in a newspaper. at the top of the page it said "PASSION DOES NOT COMPROMISE". that was inspiring.

    i think more commercials should use the detail and creativity that the 5 gum commercials do.
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    Jan 5 2012: The Dreyfuss Initiative is a bold vision to protect and save the civic system that is the US of A:


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    Jan 4 2012: I nominate Branko, The Prostate Czech. Probably one of the most funniest, kitschiest ads ever that takes humour to address a very touchy subject... Prostate Cancer. The design, execution... the entire campaign is one of my all time favs. Mostly because its execution, using reality-ish tv & gaming formats, easily talks to a younger generation, targeting the issue early and making it 'cool' to get "czeched"!

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    Dec 30 2011: I think an ad worth spreading should be from 2 ~ 3 minutes, an animation film about a product that friendly to the earth may be.
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    Dec 22 2011: Those Geico ads are definitley worth spreading! They really get me ROFLMAO!
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    Dec 22 2011: I found this add fun and inspiring.
  • Dec 22 2011: Purple Feather, a UK marketing firm's ad. 1:48
    The Power of Words. "Change your words, change your world."
    11,839,585 views. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzgzim5m7oU
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    Dec 22 2011: Even if my spanish isn't that good: the reader in this commercial has a captivating voice. I've allready watched this one a few times. I guess the text-art in perfect synchronization with the voice does it:

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    Dec 21 2011: I can't recall the automaker - but ithe tv ad has a passel of kids in an SUV wih 2 adults hurtling down a highway in silence. One start making a rhythmic noise. A minute later another kid adds a shaken fountain soda cup with ice in it. Another kids joins in. They chorus with "riding off the rails on the crazy train".


    It was promoting an SUV.
  • Dec 11 2011: There are 2 piercing subject matters by a recording artist Deadpoolmak90s in a song titled teapartyprogressive which unviels political manipulation inposed on human beings not just americans and how unconstitutional it is to stratigicly strip away the valuable rights of the common citizen another song is avoidsocialism by deadpoolmak90s which awakens one to the puppetry of power politics by the children of those who have been in control of human lives since the conception of our material exsistence
  • Dec 11 2011: I didn't see a add, but before the Global depression, stock market problems. I shared a video to a wide array of people in hopes that someone who was smart enough to understand the message would make a difference. He is a University/ High School Professor who suggested the logical view. If the economy is on the verge of collapse, maybe we should make the difference and help the environment. We may still have a collapse but he saw like myself that there was a way out. By taking the stance and knowing that there would be a market recession. Is it not better to fix the problem that is most pressing and create a way out rather than the system collapsing and not having the ability to get out.

    This was many years ago now and I will look for the video, but for me it's not a advert, it's a advertisement to everyone about change. Alas a change that did not happen. But it may with City 2.0 :0)
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      Dec 10 2011: the last one is phenomenally well done for the marketers and advertisers - hit all the right spots to get attention. Enjoyed them all!
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    Dec 9 2011: This Health/Wellness project by writer, Brother Eden Douglas, is a creative, innovative way to inspire and motivate. It's called BEattitudes: of Meditations, Spaces & Places.

    Visit, http://www.facebook.com/BrotherEDENattitudes
  • Dec 6 2011: This past weekend there was a news program with an interview with James Dyson, inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Mr Dyson's comments relative to Design engineering, the importance of failure, the relationship between grades/fear of failure/ and design risk taking, and the need to inspire and mentor children and young adults so that they do not give up and work towards a better future were inspiring and very on the mark.

    I think a TED talk from Mr. Dyson on this subject would be very well received.
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    Dec 6 2011: There's a truck commercial where the young guys are in the rugged mountains and keep stopping to look for a signal on the cell phone . . . or so we think. They're not! They don't want a signal.