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Why do not we establish Empathics, study of Emapthy, as a separate and independent field of study?

Recently, people's attention is concentrated on community, connection, communication and emotional interaction. That is why Technology, Entertainment, and Design is becoming more and more important. Indeed, those issues are all about sharing how we 'feel', or empathizing.
We feel respected when someone listens to and empathizes with our own stories. We feel alive when we can understand how someone would have felt in a certain situation and help the person out based on the empathy.
This much, empathy has been and gradually becoming more and more powerful.
Despite such importance, there has been no official field of study about Empathy. Although many great scholars came up with great accomplishments in research on empathy, either biologically or scientifically, those studies are yet integrated as one study.
Now, I am suggesting all of you to start study of empathy, Empathics, discussing about importance, impact and essence of empathy and ways to promote it via on/offline interaction with other people!

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    Dec 5 2011: Praising compassion is nothing new.

    It just appears to be more work than being self righteous.
  • Dec 5 2011: Indeed, so many philosophers explored about empathy in their philosophy. For example, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche made Zarathustra murder God to restore human beings their ability to understand and respect their and other's emotion. MingZu in ancient China also described Empathy as human dignity and specified the quality into four categories.
    Likewise, numerous philosophers discussed about empathy in their works. If we can collect those ideas of empathy in philosophy, we will be able to approach to philosophy from different perspective to which can people make easier access to philosophy. I would like to label the study as Empathic Philosophy.