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What will be the dominant religion of the United States in 100 years?

A Religion is something that many of us are born into without choice. We accept being Catholic or Jewish because that is what we are taught to be from birth. It is hard to imagine that religion as we know it might cease to exist in 100 years. But it might well happen with the speed of earth today.

The Mayan, Aztec and American Indian religions may not have disappeared in completely from the lands, but certainly in very short time frames (historically speaking), they were virtually irradicated.

Might the same thing happen to Christianity, Hinduism and others?

If another religion becomes dominant in American, how will it come to pass?

What are the implications?

Or should we assume that we will always be a Christian Nation?

If we cease being a predominantly Christian nation, will our democracy grow or falter?

  • Dec 5 2011: No doubt those religions you said are growing smaller and smaller, but the religion of tomorrow is, I believe, no religion at all. I think America is waking up into an age of reason, and the world is not a place for religion anymore. Science and math can prove too much, and our power of human logic has outweighed human myth.

    It may be a slow process, but I think it's happening. I think it will make people stronger as well. I think that many of the ancient grudges religions hold against each other will disappear as people realize its not worth it.
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      Dec 5 2011: The religion of tomorrow is quantum mysticism. It'll be the last chimera before quanta are restored to science and the age of reason settles, probably forever.
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    Dec 6 2011: I think it has as good a chance of going the way you describe it as not. At this point in time, I see the possibility of the world becoming enveloped in a different form of holy war than we've seen before. Yet at the same time, it seems as if Man has been here before too many times.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Dec 6 2011: Honestly, I think there will be a revival of a hub-centric network of Catholicism on a model similar to the rise of the Cistercians in the middle ages. The practical value of innovation within a coherent narrative context will create a non-replicable asset specificity (protected processes and technology) which will provide the foundation for credibility and influence quickly circulated throughout an already-existing international framework of schools, churches, and universities.
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    Dec 6 2011: "Humanity" I hope!
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    Dec 5 2011: i think it will be a new orm of religion not having to do with the man versed "god" but would be a mix between agnostic and celestial developement according to the enlightenment through self realization within and simotanious with the earth and stars. NOT scientology!! lol or perhaps the new era of mix between technological and philisophical views expressed to the point of it becoming an entity itself. i say that along the lines of kevin slavic's presentation of algorithms.
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    Dec 5 2011: Americanism.

    A combination of Christianity, capitalism, braggadocio, and denial (believing it is still the dominant empire.)

    The Brits went through a similar phase. Some of the old, old-timers still think it is the head of an empire. One of the last of them, a friend of mine, died not too long ago. He was in his nineties and sincerely believed he was a representative of the greatest empire on earth (he had been a DC - District Commissioner - in Africa.)
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    Dec 5 2011: I believe it is most likely that the Proprietary Religions of today in America (Christianity, Catholic, etc) will more or less pass away, though some of their Belief Modules very well may linger, and the predominant "religion" will be Open Source Religion (being discussed here:

    Due to globalization, our world is getting VERY small in regards to world views, philosophies, spirituality, and religion. Before the internet, very few Christians had the daily happenstance of running into Muslims. These days everyones philosophies are everywhere. Notice that the more this occurs, the more "modular" our beliefs become. What I mean by this is that they are becoming swappable, disposable, added, deleted, and so on. Think of how many Christians have simply omitted Biblical rules due to inconvenience or immorality of the rule (You shall not wear cloth of wool and linen mixed together). Or have you ever met a Christian that believes in Karma? I have, many times.

    The result is a spiritual ecosystem in which the individuals customized belief system is more important than the religions those beliefs may come from. The result is Open Source Religion.

    This trend will continue and grow exponentially as technology grows exponentially. I believe Open Source Religion is the religion of the future.