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What will be the dominant religion of the United States in 100 years?

A Religion is something that many of us are born into without choice. We accept being Catholic or Jewish because that is what we are taught to be from birth. It is hard to imagine that religion as we know it might cease to exist in 100 years. But it might well happen with the speed of earth today.

The Mayan, Aztec and American Indian religions may not have disappeared in completely from the lands, but certainly in very short time frames (historically speaking), they were virtually irradicated.

Might the same thing happen to Christianity, Hinduism and others?

If another religion becomes dominant in American, how will it come to pass?

What are the implications?

Or should we assume that we will always be a Christian Nation?

If we cease being a predominantly Christian nation, will our democracy grow or falter?


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    Dec 5 2011: i think it will be a new orm of religion not having to do with the man versed "god" but would be a mix between agnostic and celestial developement according to the enlightenment through self realization within and simotanious with the earth and stars. NOT scientology!! lol or perhaps the new era of mix between technological and philisophical views expressed to the point of it becoming an entity itself. i say that along the lines of kevin slavic's presentation of algorithms.

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