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What would you do if you had to raise $44K in 27 days?

WindyLight's crowd funding campaign on kickstarter needs to source some crowd wisdom to achieve it's funding goal in the next 27 days. What would you do if it was your project?
Please help us think wild! Thank you!!

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    Dec 6 2011: QUOTE: "What would you do if you had to raise $44K in 27 days?"

    Take a massive pay cut.

    Sort of.

    [I actually work "for free" ... it's a long story.]

    If you need $44K - offer something to someone that is worth 44K to them (and less to you) or ask for what you want.

    Asking for what you want is very powerful.

    If you are committed to raising 44K in 27 days and determined to make it happen, you have a very good chance of being successful.

    We just used this "formula" to generate a tenfold increase in sales (projected for 2012.) We offered something of value (service) and we asked for what we wanted (a contract.)

    I have also used this simple formula to raise money and food for charities.

    It really works.


    You will probably have to ask a lot ... which means you'll hear a lot of "no's" and that can be discouraging. Just keep asking.


    If I want to get what I want, I have to keep asking. – Zhang Zhao Yun
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    Dec 9 2011: OK!

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    Dec 9 2011: Hi Adital,

    I would like to clarify my response. When I said ask for what you want, I meant exactly that: "Ask for what you want."

    You want money. Ask for money. Do not ask for help.

    If you ask for money, you will (likely) get money.

    If you ask for help, you will (likely) get help (and not necessarily money.)

    People who want to help will do so automatically.

    [Of course, you could ask for both ... but with 27 days, or less, I'd pick the most important one and ask for that.]
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    Dec 8 2011: I would do what Margaret suggested and ask for 100 volunteers who can raise $17 a day for 26 days.
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    Dec 8 2011: I would reach out to family, friends, bloggers and the media to help me spread the word and raise the funds!
  • Dec 6 2011: At first, I thought about getting sponsorships who believe in your product, but then I realized that people aren't a fan of first approaches for money. Part of gaining financial support for your project is gaining publicity--I would do what I can to put together an awesome marketing/outreach team. This team can start with a group of friends, then utilize their networks to expand to a larger group. Reach out to college campuses and non-profits for support, then spread the word in every way you can think of. Have a Facebook group that has weekly contests. Have a twitter account with some type of scavenger hunt. People seem to respond to contests fairly well, so that would be a great approach towards spreading the word because it ensures that the initiative gets spread to every contestant's network (with social media, this is fairly easy). Every one is in search of sustainable solutions, so I am confident that your product will be a hit once it is known. As soon as you establish enough activity, approaching companies for sponsorships shouldn't be that difficult because it is now an advertising write-off or a political campaign in support of an innovative sustainable approach. You may even find a developer to sponsor the WindyLights in a business park to serve as the pilot and set an example for future business investments... you'd provide the marketing, and they'd supply the capital costs.
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      Dec 6 2011: Dear April,

      Thank you!! This is GREAT input! Could you share with me more specific thughts or examples around "Have a twitter account with some type of scavenger hunt. "

      Many thanks!
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    Dec 5 2011: Sell a kidney

    one is worth more than $120K and it takes only few hours :P
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    Dec 5 2011: First of all, your idea is quite fun and exciting. I really like it.

    It's difficult to start to make suggestions without knowing what your plan for generating funding has been so far. Are you in debt to banks, stockholders, investors, et al? Your web site indicates that you're not naive. I must assume that you've either exploited certain resources successfully or so attempted and failed. If you failed, was it because your presentation is flawed?

    How would an investor learn more about the project? If you provide street lights that are both functional and beautiful, and self sustaining as well, then what backup power source do you have to generate needed street light (safety is a concern. It can't be bright light only if there is a 5 mile constant wind source or greater) when the wind falters?

    To provide you a real answer, you need to provide more info. Best of luck.
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      Dec 5 2011: Richard hello - first of all thank you for your serious answer. i appreciate it much!
      about debts - i do not have any (thankfully yet) and indeed my design abilities and my good sense of quality helps me choose wisely how do i exploit my resources.
      this is my first crowd-funding attempt and it came after i met with some investors and realized that i wish for this project to be "owned by the people for the people". this way the sustainable and social goals can be optimized throughout the whole project.

      was this answer helpful in order to continue this conversation?
      thank you!
  • Dec 5 2011: You have a great idea! One way you can do it is by spreading the news over Facebook, possibly taking some of YOUR own money and broadcasting it... If you can do that... ?
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      Dec 6 2011: Thanks Blake! Great to know you like WindyLight! If you know any special ricks with FB would Love to hear - I think I tried everything I know.. and continue trying ofcourse.. Thanks!!
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    Dec 5 2011: Well, first let me say that I think the concept is incredible. It's smart, innovative and very eco friendly! Who are your available resources for investment?
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      Dec 5 2011: Hi Jacob,
      Thank you for your positive feedback!
      To answer your question, right now I do not have specific investors and we are putting all our efforts in the Kickstarter campagin. What did you have in mind?
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    Dec 5 2011: after going to the website and watching your video i think you would be able to go DIRECTLY to the CEO of a company and hopefully make the deadline. think of some way you could work out a deal with a company that would be mutually beneficial, such as..

    with an outdoor furniture company

    or with beach services. its always windy at the beach at night.

    **or maybe it could represent something, like a charity or rememberance.

    maybe they could clip onto the front of a standing fan and provide extra light while minimizing power usage(generator) during a power outage

    maybe they could be made into a device that if you squeeze the handle, the fan spins and it emits light, and if the wind is already blowing you can just put it on a stick and leave it there.

    the more possible applications you find for it, the more opportunities you'll come across to find funding, but if you cant articulate the potential value of you product to a company in terms of what this would enable their future revenues to look like
    itll be nearly impossibe to get company support by your deadline.

    then again perhaps you could get assistance from the chambers of commerce in your surrounding areas, i recommend just diving in and talking to everyone you can, you never know who the next great idea will come fro.

    im just throwing ideas out there, let me know if anything sticks. btw itd be easier to help if we knew what approaches youve been trying and considering.
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      Dec 5 2011: Julius hello,
      Thank you for some very smart and creative ideas. I might actually start implementing some asap.
      Did you have in mind any companies or CEOs to approach around the world?
      Thank you again,
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        Dec 5 2011: I would recommend that you stay near your community.--- I would prefer to continue this conversation over email. You can reach me at newmanjulius1@Gmail
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    Dec 4 2011: id probably go to all the churches in my area and speak for 5-ten minutes about the project(speak with the pastor beforehand and ask him to "prep" the crowd first. the same thing goes for all other pre-assembled groups in your community.